Collection: Props

Nestle into calm and allow your practice to blossom with Yoga Addicts array of yoga props, each carefully chosen to complement your journey and nurture our earth.

Elevate your practice with the earthy solidity of our Cork Blocks. Each block is a natural ally, providing the stable support you need to deepen your stretches and master your poses with confidence and ease.


Our Stretching Straps are the colorful threads in your practice tapestry, offering the extension and alignment needed to weave flexibility and strength into every session.


Unwind into the plush peace of our Bolsters. As trusted cushions for your restorative practices, they invite you to release into relaxation, fostering tranquility in body and spirit.


Spin your practice to new heights with our Wheel of Zen Yoga Wheel. This circular guide encourages smooth transitions and deeper poses, opening you to a world of flexibility and core strength.


With each prop, invite a synergy of form, function, and mindfulness into your practice. Select tools that resonate with your yogic path, and enrich your experience with grounded support, expansive stretches, and a nurtured soul.

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