Collection: Accessories

Step into the serene world of Yoga Addicts, where every accessory weaves a story of peace, balance, and inner harmony.

Immerse yourself in the fluidity of life with our Waterproof Yoga Bag, your faithful companion that shields your sacred tools from the whispers of the weather. Crafted for the yogi at heart, this bag is a haven for your mat, towel, and essentials, ready to traverse from sun-kissed shores to the cozy corners of your local studio.


Elevate your yoga journey with the Serenity Bag. Crafted with mindful design, it embraces your yoga essentials in serene elegance. This bag is your trusted companion for transporting and organizing your yoga gear, allowing you to find inner peace and balance on and off the mat.


Discover serenity with the Zen Wheel Bliss Bag. Made from eco-friendly fabric in soothing colours, it cradles your yoga wheel with grace. Protect and transport your wheel effortlessly to your practice space, elevating your yoga journey with every unrolling. Embrace tranquility and balance with this essential companion for yogis.


Anchor your asanas on our skid-less Yoga Towel, a beacon of absorbency and grip. The towel remains steadfast, a silent ally to your dedicated practice as you flow from pose to pose. Infused with quick-drying technology, it is a testament to hygiene and harmony alike.


With Yoga Addicts, accessorizing your practice is about adorning your journey with intention. It's not just about the products—it's about the pathways they open. Here, let the little things in your toolkit become the stepping stones to a grander spiritual voyage.

Join us. Elevate your practice. Delight in the details.

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