Collection: Mats

Sink into serenity and find your flow with Yoga Addicts curated collection of yoga mats, each mindfully designed to harmonize with your practice and the planet.

Discover the perfect fusion of stability and comfort. Crafted with a grip that grounds you in every pose, this mat supports your most dynamic flows without budging, ensuring a practice that's as seamless as your breath.


Adventure meets alignment with our lightweight, foldable travel mat. Wherever you roam, take your practice with you; it's your personal sanctuary in a bag, ready to unfurl a space for meditation and movement at a moment's notice.


Discover yoga bliss together on the Suede Serenity XL Mat. Luxuriously soft, extra-large, and non-slip, it's perfect for couples and solo practice. Elevate your yoga experience with Yoga Addicts.


Feel the grounding energy of the earth beneath you. Our natural cork mat is a testament to simplicity and functionality, providing a textured, cushioned surface that’s both antimicrobial and beautifully crafted.


Experience the pinnacle of eco-luxury. Merging the sustainable sourcing of natural rubber with a polyurethane top layer for unparalleled grip, this mat gives back to the earth and supports your highest intentions in every posture.


In this collection, find not just a mat, but a companion for your journey inward. Choose the mat that resonates with your practice, and step onto a path of heightened awareness, peaceful strength, and holistic well-being.

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