Collection: Apparel

Float through your flow with the Yoga Addicts apparel collection. Our ensembles are crafted to move with you, breathe with you, and celebrate the fluid dance of your practice.

Drape yourself in the soulful embrace of autumn with our oversized top and short set. Mindfully designed, this ensemble captures the essence of the season, allowing you to move freely and find inner balance during your yoga practice. Experience the harmonious blend of comfort and style as you connect with the spirit of autumn on and off the mat.


Elevate Your Practice to New Heights! Embark on a journey of serenity and self-discovery with our Seamless Serenity Sets. Dive into the depths of your practice with ease, comfort, and style, as these sets seamlessly blend functionality with fashion, empowering you to reach new levels of mindfulness and mastery.


Channel the spirit of freedom with our daring Backless Bliss Sets. The open-back design invites a breeze of cool air as you heat up your practice, marrying functionality with a touch of bold femininity.


Ground your stance with our Cotton Sole Bliss Socks, designed to offer grip and tactile feedback, connecting you deeply to the earth, and turning every surface into a potential space for practice.


Transition to and from the studio in our Harmony Flow Blissful Hoodie. Perfect for the cooler moments before the sun warms the day or for cozy reflection after your session, this is your wearable embrace, soft and ready for contemplation or the active pause of life.


Each thread, each seam, is a pledge from us at Yoga Addicts to support and accompany you on a journey of alignment—not just in posture, but in life. Namaste.

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